IPhone Icon Sets – Where to Download?

IOS 14 has a lot of great features, but for many, the best one is the ability to customize the home screen. Now you can add widgets to your home screen, and you can also create your own widgets.

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You can also change application icons on the home screen via Commands. Although the function is not new, but now interest in it has grown. Those looking to personalize their home screen ask themselves: where to download icon sets from? Of course, you can even use your own photos as icons. However, the ready-made sets look more stylish.

Below, we’ll show you which sites you can find the best iPhone home screen icon sets.

  • Icon sites
  • Thematic sets
  • Works of artists
  • Sites with separate icons
  • Icons and ideas from Google

Icon sites


Iconscout has icons for everything from iOS to social media and brands. There are many free icon sets as well as paid ones.

When you open the Iconscout website, you will see a button Browse in the upper left corner. By clicking on it, you will see different categories of icons. Among them are new sets, popular, free and others. To open categories in full screen, click Icons in the same place in the left corner.

Iconscout-website-icon-packs-1536 × 827

There are sets for every taste: with Game of Thrones, with superheroes, office style, etc. You can also use keyword search.

Select the set you like and you will see all the icons that are included in it. There will also be a link to download the set. You will need to register a free download account.

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Iconscout-office-icon-pack-1536 × 704

Iconscout is a great icon site for iPhone and more.


Another good icon site is Flaticon. Here you can search the sets and browse them by category. There are holiday icons, icons for social networks, in the style of different countries, etc.

To view the icon sets, click the button Packs in the upper left corner. There are over 76,000 icon sets on the site, so you’ll definitely find something for yourself. You can press the button Filtersto narrow your search. Here you can select the type, license, sort order and style of icons.

Flaticon-website-icon-packs-1536 × 844

There is also a search function, and you can also download individual icons. You can even create wallpapers for devices on the site.

Whether you want icons with animals, laboratory equipment, fairytale characters, aliens, fast food or unicorns, Flaticon has them all. Choose the set you like, register for a free account, and then download the icons.

Flaticon-animal-icon-pack-1536 × 755

Flaticon is a user-friendly site with a wide variety of icon sets.


Icons8 has everything from icon sets to photos and music. It also has apps, plugins, and a helpful blog. The site has a whole separate section with icons for iOS.

The site navigation is pretty straightforward. Click Icons in the upper left corner and then select from the menu iOS Icons… Filters can be used to search. Sorting by style, category and trend is available.

You can browse popular icon sets and also find icons by color. There are a lot of categories.

Icons8-popular-blue-icons-1536 × 642

Best of all, Icons8 lets you create your own collections. You can select individual icons and then download them all at once. Drag icons to a category Favorites below or select an icon and click +Collection… Name your collection, and then you can share it with your friends.

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Icons8-create-icon-collection-1536 × 689

The Icons8 site differs from the rest by the convenient ability to create your own icon collections. It has both a free and a paid account. By choosing the free one, you will get lower resolution icons, but we do not recommend rushing to buy a subscription.

Icons8 contains many different and interesting icon sets for your iPhone.

Thematic sets

If you’re looking for something a little more unique, then the theme sets are worth a look.

Monochrome by Traf

If you like black and white minimalism, then Monochrome icon set is for you.

Elegant-Monochrome-by-Traf-768 × 738

The set contains 80 icons – both dark and light. Updates with its purchase are guaranteed for life.

iPhone Aesthetic Sets by Shari Designs

Shari Designs has stunning collections of icons in a variety of styles and colors.

iPhone-Aesthetic-Sets-by-Shari-Designs – 1536 × 567

Each set contains wallpapers and over 20 icons.

Minimalistic Light and Dark Themes by Amirmio

Another great option for lovers of minimalism is the dark and light theme from Amirmio.

Minimalistic-Light-and-Dark-Themes-by-Amirmio-1536 × 670

Both sets contain 35 icons each for standard applications as well as social networks.

Works of artists

Here and there you can find icon sets for iOS 14 from talented artists.


If you use Etsy, you know that there is something special to find on it. There are not only handicrafts here. You will find there a whole collection of home screen kits for iOS 14. Many contain not only icons, but also wallpapers with widgets.

Etsy-iOS-14-icons-1536 × 859

The cost of the kits varies, so we advise you to take a good look at all available ones. You can go to the sets by this link.

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Gumroad is a site for movie, music, book makers, and other creative people. There are also icons for iOS 14.

Gumroad-iOS-14-icons-1536 × 718

Follow this link on Gumroad and you’ll find some great inexpensive sets for your iPhone.

Sites with separate icons

If you prefer to use not sets, but select individual icons, then the sites below will help you.

  • The noun project
  • IconArchive
  • Free Icons PNG
  • Icons-icons

Icons and ideas from Google

There is always an option to search for icons via Google. There you will not only find more icon sites, but also get inspired to create your own home screen themes. In addition, you can see examples of other designs.

Google-Images-iOS-14-icon-packs-and-ideas-1536 × 642

Search for “icons for iOS 14”, “home screen for iOS 14” or “ideas for iOS 14” and you’ll see hundreds of interesting results.

Do not forget that we have a whole guide on how to set your application icons.

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