iPhone XR is no longer the most popular phone: who took its place?

For a long time, the iPhone XR has been the most popular iPhone – no wonder it was Apple’s most affordable phone before the second-generation iPhone SE came out. Plus it was a great option for those who wanted to use the latest Apple technologies (Face ID, advanced camera, and so on), but on a regular IPS screen. It is not surprising that Cupertino decided not to make an OLED display in the iPhone 11 – this allowed to keep the price at a low level in comparison with the corporation’s flagships and, apparently, paid off.

iPhone 11 unexpectedly bypassed the leader of last year

What is the most popular iPhone

New data released today by analyst firm Omdia suggests that the iPhone 11 has taken the crown of “the world’s most popular smartphone” from the iPhone XR. According to experts, Apple shipped 19.5 million iPhone 11 units in the first quarter of this year. The report mentions that despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the worldwide quarantine caused by it, the iPhone 11 shipments in the first quarter of 2020 were at 6 million units. higher than iPhone XR shipments in Q1 2019.

The table, which was prepared by analysts, highlights the huge advantage of the iPhone 11 over other smartphones on the market. As you can see, the demand for the iPhone 11 easily surpassed that of other devices, including Android. A similar picture was observed with the iPhone XR last year. The top ten best-selling phones in the world includes as many as 4 iPhone models, which is almost half.

iPhone XR is no longer the most popular phone: who took its place?

The most popular smartphones in the first quarter of 2020

The Samsung Galaxy A51 came in second in the smartphone rankings with 6.8 million units shipped in the first quarter. Samsung maintained its second position again this year, successfully replacing the previous year’s No. 2 model, the Galaxy J4 Plus.

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Omdia analysts praise Apple’s pricing for its current iPhone lineup. The new iPhone SE costs $ 399, followed by the $ 599 iPhone XR, $ 699 iPhone 11, $ 999 iPhone 11 Pro and $ 1099 iPhone 11 Pro Max.

iPhone XR is no longer the most popular phone: who took its place?

Demand for the iPhone XR is gradually falling, but it is still one of the most popular iPhones

What’s the best iPhone?

At the time of the start of sales, the iPhone 11 cost $ 50 less than its predecessor, the iPhone XR. However, despite the lower price point, the iPhone 11 comes with a dual-camera system, which is a significant upgrade from the single-lens configuration of the iPhone. This improvement was extremely attractive to consumers, driving sales growth.

The conclusion is as simple as possible: iPhone 11 Is a fairly affordable smartphone (especially now), with flagship specs and a great camera. Compromises such as large bezels around the display and relatively low resolution, as it turned out, do not play a big role when choosing a smartphone. Considering the difference in price with the flagship model, most of the buyers quite rightly gave their preference to the iPhone 11.

Another thing is that after the release of the iPhone SE 2020, everything can change. After all, Apple has essentially released an even more affordable phone with very good specifications. But the new iPhone SE is unlikely to take away the palm from the iPhone 11: those who like to use Face ID, as well as lovers of large screens (and the 11th iPhone has a noticeably larger display), will most likely add a little and take the phone that they I want to.

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