Is there no crisis? Sales of the most expensive iPhones have grown in Russia

The first half of 2020, especially the period from April to June (second quarter), is the most amazing (controversial) half year both in the history of all mankind and in our area. We will not talk about sad things, let’s go straight to the good. Due to the coronavirus, many had to be abandoned, but smartphones, nevertheless, did not stop being sold. Their retail sales in the Russian Federation fell (by 42%), but online sales grew (by 56%), breaking all records. The growth of online sales amid falling retail sales is a natural and ubiquitous phenomenon, but in terms of the growth rate of online sales Russia ahead of the planet: in the world they grew by only 32% (on average). Hooray?

Demand for expensive smartphones has grown sharply in Russia

Phone sales in Russia

Despite the records, cumulative smartphone sales across all channels have declined as smartphones are still primarily bought in retail. For many, a smartphone is a prestigious status accessory, and only secondarily – a means of communication and a powerful mobile computer. Which must be “tried on”, held in hand – it’s impossible online. There are not so many of these, but their contribution to the record results of April-June seems to be the most significant. It is said that the largest growth was recorded in the segment of the most expensive smartphones (which more than 100 thousand rubles): by the way, it is in this segment that Apple leads. How much more, in numerical terms, I will not say. The scatter of the data reported by the sources is too large, perhaps this phenomenon does not exist at all – but since they say, it was impossible not to mention this. The increased online sales still could not compensate for the losses in retail, but 74% of all iPhones sold in the second quarter were bought online… This is another record for the second quarter.

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The year began promisingly, the COVID-19 invasion managed to hide somewhere, but its carriers had not yet reached somewhere – but at the end of February, the world workshop, at the direction of the PRC leadership, stopped the production of components for smartphones and the assembly of them themselves. In April, all over the world and in Russia due to quarantine, almost all retail stores were closed, and online stores were empty.

Is there no crisis? Sales of the most expensive iPhones have grown in Russia

There was no such excitement

The import of smartphones to the Russian Federation resumed in May – but, like in living organisms, the prolonged blockage of blood circulation could not but cause serious damage to production chains. It was not easy to restore them, the effects of the quarantine are still being felt. In May, online sales of smartphones in Russia were growing rapidly. Retail trade also revived in June (the virus was declared defeated and most of the restrictions were lifted). In April-June, they imported into Russia 13.6 million smartphones, the proceeds from their sale amounted to 223 billion rubles… Apparently, they wanted to read our Telegram chat sooner. Not bad for the situation in which the country finds itself.

The most popular phones in Russia

Huawei took the leading position this year. Its market share has remained the same, Samsung is to blame for its rise, whose share in the Russian market has decreased by a third, from 36% to 24%. The rest of the leaders of the Russian market, Xiaomi, Apple and OPPO, have increased their shares in our market – Apple now has 8%, instead of the previous 7, OPPO’s market share has doubled in general, from one percent to two.

Is there no crisis? Sales of the most expensive iPhones have grown in Russia

This is what the top five leaders in the Russian smartphone market look like

Huawei is going through hard times, it is denied access to the most capacious American market in the world, and the world’s best “casting” TSMC refused to produce HiSilicon chips for it. In the media, you can find a variety of opinions on this matter, but alas.

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It has been proven that Huawei participated in the intelligence activities of the PRC against the United States, and at least Huawei is not an innocent sheep. Another question – and whether American companies are also doing something similar – remains open. According to Apple’s statements, it is not involved in this. Maybe this is the purest truth, the company has too much weight, but there is no way to check whether this is so or not.

Which iPhone is the best?

In fact, Jeff Ruskin, twice Doctor of Science, professor and, in his own words and according to the testimony of some eyewitnesses, “mentor of Steve Jobs” at the very beginning of the latter’s career argued that comparing complex objects for better / worse is just as stupid as comparing points in multidimensional spaces for more / less. But for modern ratings, this is apparently not applicable. To calculate the best and the worst, they compare complex objects according to various criteria, including subjective ones (in my opinion), but in the end these ratings look reasonable enough.

But for our topic more important than all other indicators – sales. The best-selling iPhone 11 in the world, and in Russia too. It is the fifth in the ranking. According to several sources, he is – the best selling iPhone in Russia… And the most sold in the world and in the Russian Federation last year was the iPhone XR, which is in sixth place.

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