Jailbreak for iOS 10.0-10.3.2 has been created

Despite the ever-decreasing popularity of jailbreaking and the difficulty in finding new vulnerabilities in iOS, some hackers continue to work on creating public tools to hack Apple’s mobile operating system. Today one of the members of the Saïgon hacker group published an application called Houdini. The latter allows you to jailbreak Apple smartphones with 64-bit processors running iOS 10.0-10.3.2.


According to the developer, his jailbreak works with some limitations. In particular, after a hack, users cannot install all extensions. Alas, the author of the Houdini utility notes that in the near future he is unlikely to be able to create a full-fledged jailbreak for iOS 10.0-10.3.2, since the Apple mobile operating system is very well protected.

You can download the Houdini jailbreak .ipa file from GitHub. Its installation is similar to other hacking tools using Cydia Impactor.

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