Jailbreak in iOS 8.1.3 is blocked

Yesterday, there were reports on the network that in iOS 8.1.3 Apple will block the jailbreak vulnerability. After the release of the final version of the firmware, this information was confirmed.

In iOS 8.1.3, the vulnerability used by the creators of the TaiGJBreak and PP Jailbreak utilities is indeed blocked. Thus, jailbreakers should not update to the new firmware, and those who have already updated are advised to return to iOS 8.1.2 before Apple stops signing it.

Jailbreak in iOS 8.1.3 is blocked

Interestingly, in describing the changes in iOS 8.1.3, Apple announced the closure of the vulnerability and thanked the hackers from the TaiG team – the creators of the TaiGJBreak utility. Now hackers will have to find new “holes” in iOS, and this process can drag on for a long time. However, after the release of iOS 8, many experts said that the system was absolutely “unbreakable”, but vulnerabilities were found, and quite quickly.

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