Jailbreak iOS 7.1 may only appear by the end of the year

From day to day, Apple will release a new version of the mobile operating system iOS 7.1, which many are eagerly awaiting. Many, but not all. This applies to jailbreak fans, who will not be happy with the new firmware, since it is not yet possible to “crack” it.

Already in the beta versions of iOS 7.1, the vulnerabilities used for the evasi0n7 jailbreak were closed. Experts believe that the search for new opportunities for “hacking” may drag on until the end of the year, although the vulnerabilities in the system still remain. This is due to the fact that the new iOS 8 will be announced in the summer, and it is for this that hackers “cherish” the discovered exploits. The official release of iOS 8 should take place in the fall, and only after that hackers will be able to start jailbreak iOS 7.1

Jailbreak iOS 7.1 may only appear by the end of the year

We can only hope that the remaining vulnerabilities in Apple’s mobile OS will allow jailbreaking iOS 8, iOS 7.1 and subsequent versions of the “seven”. And, alas, jailbreakers are no stranger to waiting for the hacking utility to appear.

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