Jailbreak iOS 8.2 may come out in March

With the release of iOS 8.1.3, hard times have come for jailbreakers – in new firmware Apple has closed vulnerabilities previously found by hackers, and so far there are no new solutions for jailbreaking. However, this may soon change.

Not so long ago, hackers from the TaiG team announced that they had already found a way to hack the latest iOS 8.2 firmware. A little earlier, users were offered utilities for jailbreaking the first and second beta versions of this firmware. True, the final release of iOS 8.2 has taken place, but there is still no real utility from TaiG or other hackers.

On March 27, the TaiG team will host the Mobile Security Summit, which will be attended by influential individuals in the jailbreak community. One of the conference participants, hacker Stefan Esser, known as i0n1c, said that during the meeting, TaiG hackers could demonstrate a utility for jailbreaking iOS 8.2.

Jailbreak iOS 8.2 may come out in March

If Esser is right (and he probably knows what he is talking about), then in 10 days the jailbreak will have a reason to rejoice. Let’s hope the TaiG guys don’t let you down!

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