LilyView is the right image viewer for Mac

The standard macOS viewer can view several images, but for this you need to drag them to the program icon each time View… I think that everyone who tried to view photos with it let a couple of strong words towards Apple.

So, if you often have to “leaf through” images lying in folders or on the desktop, then look towards LilyView, from the developers of DaisyDisk.

The main screen of the program looks like one large field for dragging and dropping images. But you are unlikely to come across an “empty” window, because when you click on any picture, its preview immediately opens. To do this, be sure to make LilyView your default program.

Interestingly, in the view mode there is no interface at all: only your picture is in front of your eyes, it looks very beautiful.

Image options will be displayed if you move the cursor to the edge of the screen

If there are other pictures in the folder with the image, then you can switch between them with the usual swipe gesture, enjoying the eye-pleasing transitions. In addition, LilyView supports everyone’s favorite pinch gestures for zooming and rotating.

LilyView works great with GIF animations that the Standard Preview opens as a stack of frames.

As a result, we have a beautiful and really convenient program for Mac that perfectly replaces the clumsy Preview from Apple. It has a minimum of settings, a simple interface and a reference speed. Nice purchase. Last but not least, the viewer has a trial version.

Download from the site, 5.5 Mb.

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