Many games have dropped in the App Store – hurry up to download!

Today we have handpicked new App Store discounts for you! All the games from the selection are real hits, and one of them is now 70% off. It’s better not to miss such a sale. If you want to see all the free games and applications with a discount, at the end of the article you will find a link to our discount telegram channel. Many apps are only discounted for a few hours, so it’s best not to waste time.

Cool games ahead of the coming weekend

A game about the wild west in space for iPhone and iPad

Space Marshals is a sci-fi and western adventure game set in outer space! In this tactical top-down shooter, you take on the role of Specialist Burton, who hunts dangerous fugitives after a disastrous prison break.

The game is not only for fans of westerns

Name: Space marshals
Price: RUB 75 (RUB 379)
Compatibility: Universal application
Link: Install

Survive After Nuclear Disaster – Sheltered

A game in which you have to cope with the difficulties of the post-apocalyptic world. You are more fortunate than the billions killed in a nuclear explosion, but now you need to collect as many supplies as possible on the way to the underground shelter where you will live with your family. How will you survive in this desperate world?

Cool game in the style of This War Of Mine

Name: Sheltered
Price: RUB 75 (229 rub.)
Compatibility: Universal application
Link: Install

Prison strategy? Yes! The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout

An incredibly funny and addictive strategy in which you have to face a not so simple challenge: jailbreak. Create your own criminal with a variety of settings and go to the game alone or with your local friends.

A very unusual game, and so it is good

Name: The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout
Price: 149 r (529 rub.)
Compatibility: Universal application
Link: Install

All App Store discounts here – AppleInsider_sale

A special Telegram channel, where you will see the best new products and applications that are sold at a significant discount or even become free for a while in the App Store. No automation, but only manual selection by the editors of our site.

Since most discounts are time-limited, we highly recommend that you do not disable channel push notifications. We promise that the channel will be used only for its intended purpose and after some time you will not be able to refuse to use it, because with it you will not only be aware of the best offers in the App Store, but will also be able to significantly save on purchases.

Now you will receive notifications about discounts, as it was before in our application Of course, it’s absolutely free for you.

Our cool channel with discounts

Name: AppleInsider_sale
Price: Free (New)
Compatibility: iPhone / iPad / Mac
Link: Install

* Please note that all promotions have a limited duration, so the price of the application can be changed by the developer at any time (even 5 minutes after the publication is released), and the discount will end.

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