Mudra Smart Band will allow you to control Apple Watch without touching the screen

Judging by Apple’s patent applications, Cupertinians have long been thinking about how to increase the functionality of the Apple Watch strap. So far, none of the proposed ideas has gone into the series. Recently, however, third-party developers have offered their own version of the bracelet that expands the capabilities of the Apple Watch. With the Mudra Smart Band, users will be able to interact with the watch through gestures.

The developers of Mudra Smart Band have built a number of sensors into the bracelet. They allow tracking some gestures, and enable users to interact with the device without literally touching the screen with their hands. The sensors are evenly distributed over the entire inner surface of the strap. In fact, they react to the tension of individual muscles when moving the fingers.

Mudra Smart Band understands not so many gestures. However, with a variety of tweaks and simple two-finger motions, users will be able to receive incoming calls, control the camera, timer, music, alarm, etc.

For now, users can only pre-order the Mudra Smart Band. The developers are now successfully raising funds on Indiegogo to launch their accessory into mass production. Deliveries of the finished bracelets should begin in December this year. At the moment, the cost of the accessory is $ 149.

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