New pictures of the Lightning cable from the iPhone 12 appeared on the network

Recently, images of the new Lightning cable, which will be shipped with the iPhone 12. Sources noted that the key feature of the novelty will be the fabric braid. Today, new photos of the cable have appeared on the network. They were shared by the well-known insider L0vetodream.

In fact, L0vetodream confirmed the information already available. Judging by the new pictures, the Cupertinians are really preparing to release a new Lightning cable in a fabric braid. And we are talking about a completely new accessory. As a reminder, the fabric-braided Lightning cable is included with the Mac Pro. The power cable for the HomePod speaker is also made in a similar style.

However, the new cable differs from the existing solutions in the color and texture of the braid, as well as in the absence of special reinforcing elements that usually follow the connectors and prevent kinks. Judging by the pictures, there are no such “amplifiers” on the cable from the iPhone 12 kit.

Earlier it was reported that the new Apple smartphones may lose most of the usual delivery set. In particular, only a power cable will be included with the iPhone 12.

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