New version of TaiG utility released with bug fixes

TaiG hackers have released another version of their iOS 8.4 jailbreak utility.

Now, when jailbreaking with the current version of TaiG, users often have problems with the jailbreak process freezing at 30 or 40 percent. Despite several updates, the hackers from TaiG have not yet managed to defeat this error, however, according to them, the new version of the utility, number 2.4.2, already solves the problem.


However, the TaiG 2.4.2 utility is still only in beta. You can download it from the official website of the TaiG team at this link. Probably, after several days of beta testing, the final version of TaiG utility 2.4.2 will be released, as well as a version for Mac (while TaiG is only for Windows). Hopefully, jailbreak bugs will be a thing of the past after that.

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