Now the default browser in iOS can be changed to Firefox and DuckDuckGo

If you’ve already upgraded to iOS 14, you can now change your default browser to Firefox or DuckDuckGo. Both browsers have been updated to support the new iOS 14 feature. Recall that Google Chrome was the first to receive support.


The developers of both browsers claim that the move will improve your privacy protection.

In iOS 14, you can also change the default mail client. Most likely, Apple added this feature in response to complaints and requests from its users.

The company still independently approves third-party browsers for your protection. Without this, any application could access the function.

Firefox claims its browser is more secure than Safari.

Apple’s smart anti-tracking protection provides solid protection for your entire device. However, you can further strengthen this protection with Firefox. By installing Firefox by default, you get protection from video tracking, ads and other well-known trackers.

Firefox also notes the lack of benefits for itself, contrasting the Chrome browser, but not naming the company or the browser itself.

Firefox is an independent browser supported by Mozilla, a non-profit organization. We believe that it is up to you to decide who sees your personal information. This applies not only to your friends, but also to advertisers on the Internet. Unlike other large companies, Firefox does not collect, sell, or benefit from your personal data.

DuckDuckGo emphasizes the same.

In addition to all other protection methods, our browser blocks most trackers by default. They are blocked even before loading, so that protection is provided not only after potential attacks after the download of trackers. Companies like Google, Facebook, and others will not be able to track your online activities.

The company claims that the DuckDuckGo browser redirects you to the https versions of the pages whenever possible when you click on http links.

We have a list of sites that support encrypted connections. We make sure that you use a secure connection when available. When you use such a connection, ISPs and other companies cannot track your activities.


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