ORFO 2016 – Spell and Grammar Checker for Mac

ORFO is one of those programs that kept me from buying an iPad Pro. The tablet is good for everyone, but it is not suitable for a full cycle of working with text. It doesn’t have such a powerful spell checker as ORFO, which I have been relying on for nearly three years.

Download ORFO: regular version / extended version

What is ORFO

It is a spelling, spelling and grammar checking service for Russian, Ukrainian and English. It works in all applications where the “Spelling and Grammar” system function is available. Everything available on the Mac App Store is guaranteed to work with ORFO. That is Pages, Numbers, Keynote, your favorite text editors iA Writer, Byword, popular browsers, chats, email clients like Airmail, Kiwi work with ORFO.

Less friendly products do not fare so well. Adobe products only support InCopy / InDesign Creative Cloud 2015. Microsoft products include Office 2008/2011 and Outlook 2011. By the way, the beta version of ORFO had support for Office 2016, but in the release it was removed due to an error on the side Microsoft. Once the issue is resolved, support for Office 2016 will reappear.

How is verification done

When you enter any text, verification should occur automatically. But you need to go to Settings ▸ Keyboard ▸ Text and specify Russian (Infomatic Ltd.) as the verification module.

What’s new in ORFO 2016

  • Added about 10.000 new words to ORFO dictionaries;
  • Added over 3000 new grammar check rules. More than 1000 previous rules were refined and supplemented. Fixed inaccuracies;
  • Added support for the OS X El Capitan operating system;
  • Added support for Adobe InDesign / InCopy Creative Cloud in ORFO 2016 Plus.
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What is ORFO 2016 Plus

This version of ORFO comes with additional dictionaries for Russian and English. The ORFO Dictionary 2016 Plus is about 30% larger than the regular ORFO dictionary. Added to it:

  • For the Russian language: construction, oil and gas, information technology, business dictionary, medical, scientific, technical;
  • For English: vocabulary for business, medical, scientific, humanitarian.

The Plus version also supports spell checking in Adobe InCopy / InDesign Creative Cloud.

What ORFO checks

The grammatical and stylistic proofreader ORFO knows more than 40 groups of rules and checks the text in terms of three main writing styles:

Strictly (all rules);

  • For business correspondence;
  • For regular correspondence.

Here are just a few of them:

  • Fluent vowel “-o” in prepositions (bezo / without, in / in, so / s, need / over, from / from, about / about …);
  • Double “n” in adjectives and participles (boiled potatoes, boiled in their uniforms, sun-dried fish, sun-dried);
  • Incorrect use of numerals (to seven hundred seventy-three, with three hundred rubles);
  • Skipping “ь” in the ending of verbs in “-sya” (“you can fall in love”, instead you can fall in love);
  • The use of the particles “not” and “neither” (horror inexpressible in words, no god knows what boss);
  • Incorrect use of the particles “g” and “same”;
  • Names and titles that contain spelling errors in upper and lower case letters;
  • Words with a hyphen and two changing parts (invisible man), in which the coordination of the parts with each other is broken;
  • Words containing errors in the use of the prefixes sex-, po, particles -the same, -or, -to and the like;
  • Abbreviations followed by a point (e.g. square, ave.);
  • Words containing both Russian and Latin letters (except for words in which Latin letters are separated from Russian by a hyphen: n-dimensional, PC-compatible);
  • Words containing numbers, for example, it is obvious6 that (except for words in which numbers are written with a hyphen, for example Sheremetyevo-2).
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The cost of literacy

The usual version of ORFO, as before, will cost 1990 rubles, the expanded ORFO Plus – 2990 rubles.

Renewal of the license will cost 690 or 990 rubles. respectively.

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