Oscar ambitions! Apple will produce six original films a year, with a budget of up to $ 30 million

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According to The New York Post, Apple plans to produce six low-budget films a year with an eye on scenarios that could get an Oscar.

Sources from The Post claim that Apple wants to spend between $ 5 million and $ 30 million on each film, and that it is already close to “advanced” directors and other talented filmmakers about financing projects with Oscar-winning potential.

Apple is guided by the recent flow of Netflix Oscar nominees and the victory in the nomination "Best Foreign Film" with "Roma" – legitimizing the position of Netflix head Reed Hastings in Hollywood,

“They hold meetings and hire employees,” said one source at Apple, adding that the meetings are generated by a division of original feature films, led by Matt Dentler, who previously worked on iTunes Movies.

According to the report, Apple's search for six low-budget films is not related to the multi-year film making agreement with A23, the studio that released the Oscar-winning Moonlight.

Apple is working on dozens of original TV shows and films with famous directors, producers and actors, and all this content will be available through the new Apple TV + app, which will be released this fall.

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