Otomatic for Mac – Automatically download torrents from RSS

I am frankly surprised by the fact that the clients of u Torrent Transmission and Folx over the years of their existence have not learned how to download .torrent files via RSS.

Yes, uTorrent has the beginnings of this feature, but as I wrote in my 5 Tips for Working with uTorrent article, its quality leaves much to be desired. I decided to look for a more elegant solution. Found. And it is called Otomatic.

Download trial version Otomatic, 13.6 MB

How Automatic works

Otomatic is a paid application that automatically downloads .torrent files from specified RSS feeds and sends them for processing to your any torrent client.

Configuring Automatic

So, the task of Automatic is to check the specified RSS feeds and download the necessary torrent files from them. Of course, everything can be carefully customized with flexible filters.

99% of torrents that I download are TV shows from the wonderful soap4.me service (already optimized for Apple devices). In its settings, I created a special RSS feed of HD subscriptions. Then I added this RSS to Automatic with only one filter – download anything that gets into the RSS after today’s date (the date the filter was created).

Example of setting a filter by date added

For example, let’s create another filter that only processes one TV show – Better Call Soul. Moreover, you can filter episodes not only by date, but also by name.

Example for setting up a filter for one TV show

Automatic checks the RSS every 15 minutes, and if there is something new there, it will go straight to the Downloads folder. Note that the service does not hang in memory all the time, but starts every 15 minutes, checks the RSS and goes back to sleep.

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Once the fresh .torrent files are in the correct folder, your favorite torrent client for Mac comes into play. Otomatic will be able to launch it automatically.

RSS check every 15 minutes

Example of working with the client Folx

Now I prefer to use the Folx torrent client. After a new episode appears, Otomatic downloads a .torrent file and transfers it to Folx. The client loads it and then exits itself.

Folx will automatically close after downloading

An example of working with Transmission

I like Transmission because it can “self-clean” after it downloads the files it needs. Once the download is complete, the giveaway is automatically deleted.

After completing downloads, Transmission self-cleans

You can configure cleaning in the tab Раздачи ▸ Управлениеby ticking Удалять from the list at the end of the distribution. There are two triggers for deletion:

  • Rating, after which the distribution should be automatically deleted (if the size of the file you uploaded is 400 MB, then a rating of 0.5 means that the distribution will be deleted after the distribution of 200 MB);
  • The time after the download is complete (if you set 30 minutes, then Transmission will distribute the file for another 30 minutes, and then delete the distribution).

Triggers to delete hands

By the way, do not forget to teach Transmission to delete. Torrent files after adding, this will save you from unnecessary garbage in the folder Downloads

Transmission will delete the .torrent file itself after adding

The only drawback is that Transmission cannot automatically close after the download is complete. But this is not critical.

As a result, I got the following: Otomatic constantly monitors RSS with new series and saves their torrent files to a folder Downloadsand then Folx automatically downloads the files themselves. The most beautiful thing is that the process takes place in the background and without my participation. New movies simply appear in the appropriate Movies folder. At last!

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