OWC has released more convenient and affordable wheels for Mac Pro

Some time ago, Apple began selling separately branded wheels for the Mac Pro. The price of this accessory is $ 700 or 69,990 rubles. Until recently, there was no alternative to branded wheels. However, the other day OWC released its own analogue called Rover Pro, which costs several times cheaper than the original.

OWC has released more convenient and affordable wheels for Mac Pro

The key feature of OWC castors is price. For a set of four wheels with stainless steel hinges and soft rubber tread, the manufacturer asks for only $ 199. True, this price is only for the pre-order period. Over time, the price tag will rise to $ 249. However, even in this case, the Rover Pro set will cost significantly less than the original wheels for the Mac Pro.

Another feature of OWC wheels is the comfortable fit. They allow you to put on and remove the casters without the use of any tools. According to company representatives, the whole process takes no more than a couple of minutes. At the same time, additional tools are needed to install the original Apple wheels.

While OWC is collecting pre-orders for the Rover Pro kit. Actual sales should start in September of this year.

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