Palomar CityRadio – unusual speaker radio

Some time ago, Palomar released an unusual portable device that allows users to listen to radio stations that are broadcast in different parts of the world. The gadget was named CityRadio.

In fact, CityRadio is a wireless Bluetooth speaker that works in tandem with a mobile device. On the front surface of the device, in addition to the speaker, there is also a row of replaceable buttons. They allow you to quickly switch between different locations and, accordingly, radio stations.

As mentioned above, CityRadio works in tandem with a mobile device. To tune radio stations, users need to download a special application for iOS and Android. The mobile client will allow you to choose your favorite “locations”, as well as adjust the list of radio stations. And users will have plenty to choose from. The app has about 60,000 radio stations.

You can buy an unusual radio speaker on the manufacturer’s official website for 99 euros excluding shipping. There are two colors to choose from – red-sand and black-green.

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