Pangu hackers post open letter to jailbreak community

The Pangu Team, a Chinese hacker team that developed jailbreak utilities for iOS 7 and iOS 8, has been heavily criticized by influential people in the jailbreak community, one of which was Stefan Esser, aka i0n1c.

Pangu hackers post open letter to jailbreak community

Esser accused Pangu of Chinese hackers using the vulnerability he had discovered to create a jailbreak. Pangu was also accused of the commercial orientation of the jailbreak utility they created – allegedly a Chinese store of pirated applications paid for its development.

Today, the hackers from Pangu suddenly decided to respond to long-standing accusations by posting an open letter to the jailbreak community on their website. They state that they never received large sums for the creation of the jailbreak, accepting only a small donation that went to purchase the necessary equipment. The hackers also reported that they never credited themselves with the discovery of the vulnerability used in the first version of the jailbreak utility, openly announcing that it was authored by Stefan Esser. Subsequent versions of the utility have already exploited vulnerabilities found by the hackers from the Pangu Team.

The Pangu Team also urged the community not to discriminate against hackers based on their nationality, race or skin color. Unfortunately, the question that now worries millions of jailbreak fans is when will the iOS 8.2 jailbreak be released? – remained unanswered. It is not even known whether the Pangu Team is working on the release of such a utility.

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