Pangu Untether 0.4 update coming soon

Recently, hackers from the Pangu team released the Pangu Untether 0.3 update, which fixes bugs when applications run in the background on devices jailbroken with Pangu8. However, this update did not solve all the problems, and hackers are already preparing for the release of Untether 0.4.

The new patch, according to the developers, will fix the bug with video playback in the Safari browser, which is reported by many users. Also in the update, the problem with the cyclic restart of jailbroken devices was fixed.

Pangu Untether 0.4 update coming soon

Recall that a few days ago, the developers released a new version of the untethered jailbreak utility for iOS 8 Pangu8 1.1.0. With this utility, you can fully jailbreak your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, while Cydia’s online store, unlike previous versions of Pangu8, will be installed automatically. Unfortunately, while the Pangu8 utility exists only in the version for Windows, however, the developers assure that a version for Mac will appear soon.

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