Pangu8 utility for Mac released

Chinese hackers from the Pangu team have finally released the Pangu8 untethered jailbreak utility for Mac computers.

Pangu8 utility for Mac released

Since the release of the first version of Pangu8, the developers have been constantly making fixes to the utility aimed at fixing the noticed problems, of which there were quite a few in the first versions. Gradually, the utility became more and more perfect, there was an automatic installation on the “jailbroken” devices of the online application store Cydia – and in the end Pangu8 became a fully functional and full-fledged tool for jailbreak.

However, one drawback of Pangu8 still remained to this day. Mac owners had to jailbreak their iPhone or iPad using a virtual machine or search for a Windows computer. And all because there was no OS X version of Pangu8, although the developers promised to present such a version in the near future. The time has come today – Pangu8 1.0.0 for Mac has just appeared on You can download it from this direct link.

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