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If you work with text or code a lot, then Mac’s extended clipboard is a vital thing. Such programs store the history of operations and allow you to access the information that you once copied with a shortcut over and over again. CmdC

For almost two years now I have been using Alfred for this and even wrote a separate article on how the Mac clipboard works based on it. But if you don’t need all the Powerpack license features, then there is no point in paying $ 22 just for the buffer. In this case, a specialized application like the brand new Paste will suit you.

Download Paste: from the official site / to Setapp


All clipboards I know “appear” on top of other applications as a separate window. Paste has an original approach: when pressing a combination ShiftCmdV a panel with cards slides out from below.

The number of cards depends on the diagonal and screen resolution. On my MacBook I can see 5 cards, and on the external 24 “monitor it is already 9. To see the rest of the cards, you have to scroll to the left.

For comparison, Alfred’s clipboard displays 14 screen-independent entries. I would like to be able to customize the size of these cards. But, alas, this cannot be done.

I can fit 9 Paste cards on my external monitor. To see the rest, just scroll left
This is what the Paste window looks like on a 12-inch MacBook.

Each card is styled to match the program from which this information was copied. You all look very natural and fits perfectly into the style of macOS.

How Paste works

Paste is designed to work with the keyboard. Immediately after clicking ShiftCmdV its contents can be navigated with arrows. Wherein:

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Enter – inserts the current card;
CmdEnter – inserts a card without formatting;
Delete – deletes the card;
CmdZ – returns the deleted card back.

In the settings, you can specify the storage time of the copy history, and clear the entire history

Search deserves special attention. After clicking ShiftCmdV you can immediately type the desired phrase and the extra cards will disappear from the screen. Search itself with a twist. It also responds to application names. Just type in Safari and get all the cards copied from the browser. A Safari text query for cats will find all occurrences of the word “cats” in Safari cards.

I type “Safari” in the Paste window to see everything I copied from that browser


This buffer is not as compact as Alfred’s, but it looks very cute with nice animation. And, importantly, it can synchronize the buffer history between multiple computers and even the Paste version for iOS.

Paste does the job and the average user will be fine. It’s no coincidence that he has five stars in the App Store.

Download Paste: from the official site / to Setapp

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