Pastel Widgets Add Colors to Your iOS 14 Home Screen

If you’re looking for new ways to customize your home screen in iOS 14, then it’s good to know that Pastel has new widgets. With these, you can add colors to your home screen.


Pastel is Steve Troughton-Smith’s application for creating and saving color palettes for projects. The app has a collection of ready-made palettes, but you can create your own. Now it includes widgets for the iOS 14 home screen.

The possibilities are endless here. You can create a widget with the colors of your country’s flag, with the colors of your favorite sports team, just with your favorite colors, etc. Once you open the Pastel app, you will see a list of ready-made color palettes and can create your own.

When you create your palette, you can add a widget with it to your home screen. To do this, in the search, you need to enter the name of the palette that you want to add.

The Pastel app is free to download from the App Store for iPhone and iPad, but a one-time purchase is optionally available to unlock an unlimited number of pallets.

With the Pastel app you can customize your home screen beautifully. You can take design ideas from here.

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