Personal impressions of AirPods Pro

Immediately, I note that I used regular AirPods for about a year and a half and was very pleased with them. That said, I have little experience with noise canceling headphones: I only used the popular Bose QC35 for several days. In general, the impressions of AirPods Pro are as subjective as possible.

Noise suppression

Shumodav is the main feature of the new headphones. And it was because of the noise reduction that I bought them, since extraneous sounds greatly interfere with concentration. If in ordinary headphones you have to turn up the volume strongly to drown out the outside world, then AirPods Pro allows you to keep the volume at a reduced level, while not hearing extraneous sounds.

I have mixed feelings about noise control. On the one hand, there is a wow effect when you turn on noise reduction. On the other hand, I was hoping that the noise reduction would be a little stronger. Perhaps because I was expecting an effect comparable to the Bose QC35. But, despite my high expectations, the headphones still perfectly block noise in coffee shops and coworking spaces, which positively affected my concentration. Right now I am writing these lines sitting at a table in a coffee shop and I hear nothing but my own music.

The headphones are good at blocking out background noise and music in cafes. you can work in almost complete silence

If you’ve never used noise canceling headphones, the effect can be described as the sensation of closing the window to a busy street. Or when you just put on earplugs. In both cases, sounds are instantly muted.

Noise cancellation was well visualized by Quinn Nelson in his AirPods Pro review, watch from the 6th minute:

AirPods Pro review with a visual demonstration of the noise reduction

The more monotonous the noise, the better it is blocked by headphones: dishwasher, air conditioner, airplane noise, street noise, subway noise. Of course, the quality also depends on the volume of the source. If the external noise is within normal limits, then AirPods will cope with it.

When I work with headphones at home, it feels like it’s early morning and the city is asleep. And only when I take off the headphones, I realize that in fact it is already noon, there is chaos outside, and the hood is still working in the kitchen.

Personal impressions of AirPods Pro

Personally, I don’t have the vacuum and disorientation effect of the AirPods Pro like the Bose QC35. Perhaps just because of the weaker noise reduction. Such sensations are the main cork from this type of headphones. Therefore, if you feel any discomfort, then do not rush to panic. This is normal and your ears will most likely get used to it. But, in rare cases, this may not happen.

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Three operating modes
The headphones have three modes: Noise Canceling, Off. and “Transparency”. With the first modes, everything is clear, but the task of the third is to slightly amplify the sound in order to compensate for the mechanical sound insulation from the rubber bands that close the ear canal. Essentially, Transparency turns AirPods Pro into regular AirPods.

At first, I didn’t like the feel of the Transparency mode, as it sounds a little unnatural. But once I found myself in a situation that I had been talking with friends for 20 minutes, and AirPods were sticking out in both ears. I really forgot that I was wearing headphones, which means “Transparency” works great.

In real life, it turned out that turning on “Transparency” is easier and faster than taking off and putting on headphones every time you need to listen to something or talk to someone. To enable the mode, you need to press and hold the tail of one of the headphones for a second. Or switch through the iPhone volume control. By the way, the holding time of the “tail” can be adjusted in the section. I set the delay to minimum.


AirPods Pro don’t need to be inserted into the ear canal as it might seem at first glance. These are all the same earbuds with an elastic band just covering the entrance to the ear. Thanks to this, natural sound insulation is obtained.

Personal impressions of AirPods Pro
The rubber band completely covers the entrance to the ear canal and by itself blocks some of the external noise

The elastic is very soft and pleasant. Just unexpectedly pleasant. I even twisted removable rubber bands in my fingers for a while to enjoy the sensations from them.

I always considered my ear canals to be small, so I was going to put on S size rubber bands right away, but it turns out that the fit and soundproofing is much better with the standard Ms. Therefore, after buying, I recommend just trying all the rubber bands, even if it seems that some specific sizes will not suit you.

Personal impressions of AirPods Pro
The size M rubber bands are initially on the headphones. S and L are in the box

I have not yet gone to workout with headphones, so I cannot say how much the ear will sweat from the rubber band. As soon as I go, I will add my impressions to this paragraph.

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It is also obvious that the rubber bands will help keep the mesh of your headphones clean. All of the earwax will end up on the rubber bands, which are easy to remove and wash. If something happens to them, then buying new ones is not a problem. In the US, a new set costs only $ 4.

👉 How to order replacement rubber bands from the Apple Store, eng.
💰 Alternative rubber bands on AliExpress, $ 3

Personal impressions of AirPods Pro
Each rubber band has a mesh inside that prevents earwax from getting onto the mesh of the earphone itself

I have never had any complaints about the convenience of classic AirPods. They always sat well in the ears, did not fall out and did not cause discomfort. Several times I even fell asleep in them, and in the morning they remained in my ears.

The AirPods Pro has a slightly tighter and more secure fit. The main thing is to choose the right size of rubber bands. I specially put on the AirPods Pro before going to bed and the next morning they also did not fall out. At the same time, there was no discomfort in the ears. In general, the test for convenience passed, at least on my ears.

Foreign video bloggers once actively promoted memory foam ear cushions for AirPods Pro from Dekoni. I succumbed to marketing and decided to give it a try – ordered a pair of sizes M for $ 12.

Dekoni memory foam alternative ear pads

I can’t say that they somehow influenced sound insulation and noise reduction. But in wearing it turned out to be more comfortable than stock silicone ear pads.

They fit much better in my ears. If I listen to a podcast before bed and fall asleep with my headphones on, then by morning the AirPods are still in my ears. With silicone holes, the earbuds always fall out.

It’s also more comfortable to hold AirPods Pro in your ears for a long time. Earlier, in the heat, the ear was always wet, with the same memory foam everything is dry. Also a huge plus.

I washed them once just in warm water and soap. Sun dried and the ear pads are ready for battle again.

💰 Dekoni ear cushions: Amazon and Yandex.Market.

Headphone case

The classic AirPods case was almost perfect. But to be honest, I’m tired of it. In the Pro version, it has a different shape: it is larger and elongated in width. All of this gives the feeling that you are using a completely new gadget, which is great. The only drawback is that it has become more difficult to open it with one hand. Although this problem disappears if you use a case.

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I carry my case in a silicone case, which I attach to the keys. It’s a great keychain, and I never forget AirPods at home.

💰 Buy AirPods Pro Case: Yandex.Market, Rozetka, Aliexpress, Amazon

Silicone case for AipPods Pro. Use it as a keychain

On the first day, it was difficult for me to figure out how to get the headphones out of the case. If in classic AirPods I just grabbed them with my fingertips, then this trick does not work here. Everything turned out to be simple – you need to stick your finger into the recess of the top cover and pull the earpiece towards you.

To quickly get the earphone out – put your finger in the recess of the top cover and pull the earphone towards you

My past AirPods and iPhones didn’t know how to charge over the air, so the first time I appreciated the goodies of wireless charging was recently. In a word, it’s convenient. I just put my case on the charger while I wear my headphones around the house.

💰 My Xiaomi Wireless Charger 10 Watt, 10 $

Personal impressions of AirPods Pro
The earbuds charge perfectly even through the silicone case

Final impressions

You may have noticed that I didn’t say anything about sound quality. In my opinion, it has not changed much. Yes, the music sounded better, but only because it was not interrupted by extraneous external noises. Therefore, even on the street, you can hear small details in the compositions. I’m not a music lover and the current sound quality is still enough for me. Yes, and I use headphones mainly for background music and watching video lectures.

The headphones themselves have no obvious flaws, if you close your eyes to the increased price. But, be prepared for the fact that the fit in the ears can be unusual and you will have to get used to it. In addition, you may not like the vacuum effect that occurs when the noise damper is on. But this is also a matter of habit.

Switching to the Pro version is only worth the noise reduction function. And if you have the opportunity, first go to some showroom and try this AirPods trick in action. Perhaps you don’t need it 🙂

👉 Buy AirPods Pro: Yandex.Market, Rozetka, Amazon

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