Pirated app store found in evasi0n7 jailbreak

The long-awaited iOS 7.x jailbreak was released yesterday – hackers from the Evad3rs team still managed to please jail fans before the Christmas and New Year holidays. At the same time, the hackers themselves, as it turned out, did not remain at a loss.

What are we talking about? Everything is very simple. According to sources in the hacking community, the guys from Evad3rs received a tidy sum of one million dollars for jailbreaking a Chinese fake App Store – a pirated app store.

The store should theoretically only be accessible to Chinese users, but anyone can access it. To do this, you need to change the system language to Chinese on the computer, run evasi0n7 – and install the Chinese version of the jailbreak on the iOS device. With a built-in pirate application store, access to which is opened by the icon that appears on the desktop of the device.

We, in fact, have nothing against the desire of hackers to make money on their brainchild, but still, probably, it should be done in different ways. But the guys from Evad3rs, of course, know better.

PS The evasi0n.com website has published an appeal from the Evad3rs team to the community, in which hackers say that when they embed a Chinese app store into a jailbreak, they did not know about its “pirate” nature. The hackers believed that this store was the Chinese equivalent of Cydia, but the store owners deceived them.

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