Poppy distracts from work. What to do?

When I need to focus on work, I close all unnecessary programs and turn on Do Not Disturb mode. It’s like a horse’s blinkers, only I’m not looking at the road, but at a text editor, a lecture or an article. At such times, the rest of the world does not exist.

Focus mode has to be turned on several times a day. And in order not to waste extra time, I automated the process using “Alfred” and three keyboard shortcuts.

CapsLockH – closes Telegram, Slack, Messages and Mail;
CapsLockDelete – closes background applications, except for the current one;
CapsLockD – turns on the “Do not disturb” mode.

Now I will show you how you can set up such shortcuts on your own Mac.


You will need Alfred, a computer management program. In Alfred you can create your own mini-programs – workflows. But keep in mind that installation of workflow is only possible in the paid version of Alfred Power Pack.

Download my workflow for Alfred.

My workflow for Alfred called DND

This walkflow consists of three scripts and three keyboard shortcuts to launch. A script is a block with program code that you will have to edit a little for yourself.

I also recommend changing the keyboard shortcuts to your taste. But if you liked my shortcuts, then first make a superbutton from CapsLock, otherwise they won’t work.

Script 1 – closes the application list

The first script closes time eaters: instant messengers, twitter, mail. To edit the list for yourself – double-click on its icon.

Settings for the list of applications to close by shortcut

Program names must be accurate: not Telegram, but Telegram Desktop; not Airmail, but Airmail 2. Look for the correct names in the Applications folder of your Mac.

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The shortcut only closes messengers and mail, does not touch other applications

Script 2 – closes all applications except the current one

I use this script when I need to focus on a single program: a text editor, browser, or PDF document.

Besides the shortcut, you don’t need to configure anything.

The shortcut closes all background programs except the iA Writer editor

Script 3 – turns on and off the “Do not disturb” mode

In Do Not Disturb mode, notifications and sounds are not received. This is convenient when mail and instant messengers are needed for work, but notifications are not.

You can make sure that the “Do not disturb” mode is enabled in the macOS Notification Center

By default, my script only works with Russian macOS localization. He searches Menubar for the Notification Center button by the keyword “notifications”, and then simulates clicking on it with the mouse held down Alt

To make the script work in English localization, replace the keyword with “notification”, in Ukrainian – with “povidomlenny”, etc.

If the macOS language is not Russian, then in the script code you need to replace the keyword

You now have three new shortcuts to control unnecessary windows and notifications. That’s enough for a start. But if you want more immersion, read the sequel: how to launch multiple applications with one shortcut.

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