Preparing for the school year with the “School of Owls” application

With the current pace of life, it is very difficult for parents to find free time to work out with their baby. But a little more than a month is left before the start of the new school year! Therefore, the child must be prepared for this so that he does not forget everything he has passed in one summer (and this is possible). Fortunately, modern technologies make it possible not to constantly sit with the child at textbooks, but to make sure that the child does it independently. There is already a dedicated app for iPhone and iPad for this, which even recognizes the child’s speech!

The kid can do it independently almost without the participation of parents

The “School of Owls – Alphabet” app was developed not just as another way to teach a child to read letters, syllables and whole words. First of all, the creators of the project set themselves the task of making training with minimal parental intervention in the process and maximum child self-involvement. Due to speech recognition, a user-friendly interface and an understandable educational process, the child can do it himself without any problems – the learning process is so well built.

Alphabet for the little ones on iPhone

The training consists of several stages. First, the announcer reads all the letters to the child, and then asks them to repeat them. Due to the presence of a speech recognition system, the application understands whether the child has pronounced the letters correctly. It will not work to cheat if a parent wants to check the progress of his kid, he will immediately see how many levels have opened in a day. As the child learns, new lessons open up – and so on until the child reaches the final level, where he will already read syllables, and then whole sentences.

Preparing for the school year with the "School of Owls" application

First, the child starts learning the alphabet.

Preparing for the school year with the "School of Owls" application

As you progress, the baby begins to learn syllables and words.

The time to complete the task, the speaker’s language and other parameters can be changed in the application settings. Moreover, so that the child himself does not accidentally climb there, when entering the settings, you need to solve an arithmetic problem. So the developers have thought of everything.

Preparing for the school year with the "School of Owls" application

So that the child does not go where he does not need

The app is clearly designed so that kids can spend a lot of time learning on their own. There are a minimum of unnecessary buttons so that the kid does not get confused in the interface, colorful illustrations, pleasant warm colors. The speech recognition system is unique, it works very well and knows how to distinguish letters from syllables and words. Adults cannot always make out what the child is saying, but here the application can do it! The learning system in the application is based on the methodology and primer of Nadezhda Zhukova, which is recommended Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation as a guide to teaching preschoolers to read. So that the child will be able to quickly learn not only the alphabet, but also many common words by the beginning of the new school year.

Preparing for the school year with the "School of Owls" application

Speech recognition works very cool, and the child can use it to do it himself

Preparing for the school year with the "School of Owls" application

The app has a colorful interface that kids will love

You can use the application in two ways – either by signing up for a trial or regular subscription (in this case, it is most profitable to take it for 6 months at once, so it is cheaper), or buy the full version of the application. Developers periodically arrange promotions, as, for example, now – you can take full version “Schools of Owls – Alphabet” for 459 rubles instead of 1890 rubles… The application is constantly updated, new lessons and tasks for speech training are added there.

Preparing for the school year with the "School of Owls" application
Preparing for the school year with the "School of Owls" application

You can choose between subscribing and purchasing the full version. It’s good when developers give a choice

Conveniently, the program is available for both iPhone and iPad. Usually applications for children are made only on tablets, but not everyone has an iPad. In addition, the sizes of the screens of modern iPhones are already quite decent for a child to study even on the phone.

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Name: School of Owls – Alphabet
Publisher / Developer: Anton Egorchev
Price: from 269 to 1890 rubles, 3 days free
In-app purchases: Yes
Compatibility: Universal application
Link: Install

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