Qualcomm hints that iPhone 12 will be late

While analysts and online sources are arguing about when exactly Apple will release its new smartphones. Just the other day, information appeared on the network that the announcement of new products will take place in early September. However, they will appear on sale in the second half of October. The latest report from Qualcomm also hints at some delay.

Qualcomm hints that iPhone 12 will be late

There is no exact date for the announcement of the iPhone 12 in the Qualcomm report. However, the document, which outlines the company’s fiscal third quarter results and also gives some indication of plans for the fourth quarter, indicated that “the delay in the flagship phone with support for fifth generation networks” will have an impact on component shipments in the next quarter. The latter will run from July to September.

The report does not explicitly say that it is about the iPhone. However, judging by the time frame, the announcement of Apple mobile devices fits perfectly into them. In the past, Cupertinos have presented new iPhone models in September.

It is noteworthy that Qualcomm is not the first major company to hint at a delay in the iPhone 12. In early June, the head of Broadcom said that the “main product” of the “major American phone manufacturer” was somewhat delayed.

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