Review of the Flume Instagram client for Mac

In April 2017, Instagram exceeded 700 million active users. All of them publish images exclusively from iOS and Android smartphones, because for 7 years an official client for computers has not appeared. But there were unofficial ones.

Flume is the first full-fledged Instagram for Mac: with a feed of followings, likes, the ability to upload photos and write comments. Now I will show you how Flume works with scripts for bloggers, photographers and entrepreneurs.

Blogger and regular user

If you work a lot at the computer, then Flume solves the problem of throwing between the screens of Mac and iPhone. The client has the basic functions of the mobile version: you can upload photos and videos, search for users, subscribe to them, put likes, communicate in comments and private messages, and repost. The only thing that doesn’t exist yet is Stories and Streams.

You can view the feed in Columns or Grid mode, just like in the Instagram mobile client

By default, the main Flume window looks like Instagram for iPhone, but you can customize the window to your liking. Personally, I like the ultra-minimalistic mode where only photos are visible without distracting captions.

I liked the automatic update of the feed, this is when new photos appear at the top and you do not need to constantly scroll up. If you move the mouse cursor over the photo and press the space bar, the preview of the image will open in a separate window. So the pictures you like are easier to look at.

The mechanics are exactly the same as in Instagram for iPhone, but if you press the spacebar, the photo will enlarge


I take half of the shots with a Nikon D5100 DSLR. Previously, in order to post a photo on Instagram, I had to rewrite it on my computer, then on my iPhone, and already from it I had to write tags and publish the photo. Long.

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With Flume, photos and videos can be uploaded directly from your computer by simply dragging the file onto the program window. It remains to register the tags and click “Load”.

Flume supports downloading MP4, MOV and M4V video formats. Your DSLR records in one of them

When adding pictures, you can edit: correct contrast, brightness, change tilt, shadows, crop, etc. If you are too lazy to bother, use ready-made filters: 23 from Instagram and 38 more from Flume.

Flume has a built-in photo editor and 61 filters: 23 from Instagram and 38 more from Flume

Entrepreneur and marketer

My friend Lena sells clothes on Instagram. New items come in batches, so she posts 80-100 photos a month. For each shot, she writes a dozen tags, descriptions, and a price. Doing this from your phone is hell.

With Flum, everything is much simpler: photos can be loaded in batches, and descriptions and tags can be typed on a normal keyboard.

Lena uploads a photo of a goat fur coat to the store, 4900 ₴

If there are several projects, Flume can change accounts on the fly. Comment notifications come through the notification center, so you can quickly respond to a buyer’s question or comment.

Make product descriptions more convenient using a normal computer keyboard

The basic version of Flume is free, but the ability to upload photos and videos costs $ 10 one time. You can also try the full version of Flume for free in the Setapp suite for 30 days.

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