Sticky Widgets app adds reminder stickers to iPhone

When iOS 14 first came out, there weren’t that many home screen widgets. Since then, there have been more apps with useful widgets. One of them is Sticky Widgets.


The app is very simple. Install it and then add it to your home screen as a widget. After that, tap a sticker to add text to it.

You can add multiple stickers to the screen at once. There are three colors available: yellow, pink and blue, as well as three note styles. There are also three sizes available.

If you’re looking for home screen design ideas, we have an entire article with design examples. You can also read about how to create your own widgets.

Home screen widgets are one of the most popular features in iOS 14 as they allow you to completely customize your home screen.

Sticky Widgets can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

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