Stop the earth! The new Xiaomi Mi 10 is more expensive than the iPhone 11

The Android audience is very different from the iOS audience. After all, smartphones based on the operating system from Google are bought for completely different reasons than the iPhone. Some pursue the goal of customizing their device beyond recognition, others hate the very idea of ​​the closed nature and limited capabilities of iOS compared to Android, and still others just want to save money. I don’t want to label these differences with a plus or a minus sign. In the end, this is neither good nor bad, which means that all calculations should be carried out purely modulo. But I can’t look calmly at how the prices of Android smartphones, for which the audience loved them so much, are changing.

Xiaomi Mi 10 is a unique smartphone. But not because of the characteristics, but because of the price

Что может iPhone 11 Pro, но не может iPhone SE 2

Xiaomi brought a new one to Russia last week Xiaomi Mi 10, which she estimated at 70 thousand rubles. The same Xiaomi, whose products are still described by fans as “top for their money” by inertia. No, of course, once, when the company released flagships that cost $ 300-400, it was rather difficult to argue with this statement, especially since there was nothing to oppose to it. After all, the most affordable Apple flagships at that time cost $ 650 at best. But at some point, Xiaomi decided what it could afford in the same field with Apple, and miscalculated.

Xiaomi Mi 10 price in Russia

Stop the earth! The new Xiaomi Mi 10 is more expensive than the iPhone 11

70 thousand for Xiaomi? Why not

Obviously, Xiaomi just followed the path that other manufacturers have chosen for themselves. After all, if Huawei and Samsung can afford to trade smartphones under a thousand dollars, than Xiaomi is worse? Of course, nothing. Another thing is that all the charm of Xiaomi – yes Apple fans will forgive me – consisted precisely in the availability of its branded devices. Almost anyone could afford the flagship Xiaomi, without straining their wallet too much. Yes, I wouldn’t buy Huawei for $ 1000 anyway, but these guys can at least explain the high price of their flagships with an advanced camera, which even plugs the Google Pixel in the belt.

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Сравнение камер: iPhone XS против Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

And Xiaomi, if we speak to the end frankly, even buying for that kind of money is somehow ashamed. No, really. A very specific image has already formed around the company, because of which the brand itself is perceived by many as synonymous with cheap technology, and the phrase “top for your money” sounds like a mockery that has nothing to do with reality. Try to say – not to buy, but just to tell someone from the people in the subject – that they bought Xiaomi for 70 thousand rubles. Yes you will be laughed at. And those who will not be raised simply cannot afford to buy such a device.

What users say about the Xiaomi Mi 10

Stop the earth! The new Xiaomi Mi 10 is more expensive than the iPhone 11

Xiaomi Mi 10 is beautiful and functional, but it’s still Xiaomi

However, we needed to make sure that this was not subjective. Therefore, in order to find out what Android users think about the Xiaomi Mi 10 for 70 thousand rubles, we just opened Instagram and read the reviews that readers left under the news about the price of the new product. Needless to say, there were almost no people willing to buy the device for this money.

Присоединяйтесь к нашему чатику в Telegram и расскажите, что купили бы вы.

Better to buy an iPhone. Knowing that he at least will not lose in price, – says the user cap076.

The moment when Xiaomi is not top for his money, – emphasized sobirddjumaiyozov.

Почему восстановленный iPhone лучше нового Xiaomi?

Of course, there were a couple of people who rushed to call the iPhone and everyone who buys them with all sorts of unflattering words, but we failed to find a single clear argument about the superiority of Xiaomi Mi 10 even over the iPhone 11, not to mention the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Therefore, I have no idea what the Chinese hoped for when they put this smartphone on sale. Indeed, despite the fact that Mi 10 really has an attractive design, top-end characteristics and extensive functionality, it is still Xiaomi, which will be viewed precisely through the prism of the cheapness of all other models of the brand.

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