TaiG denies iOS 8.2 jailbreak rumors

Last Friday, the TaiG hacker team hosted the global Mobile Security Summit, which was attended by reputable developers in the jailbreak community. One of them, Stefan Esser, on the eve of the conference suggested that during the event TaiG will present a utility for “jailbreaking” iOS 8.2.

TaiG denies iOS 8.2 jailbreak rumors

Esser did not make his assumption from scratch. Some time ago hackers from TaiG reported that they had everything they needed to jailbreak iOS 8.2, and many experts then concluded that the jailbreak utility would appear immediately after the official release of this version of Apple’s mobile OS. Later, TaiG announced the convening of the Mobile Security Summit. Stefan Esser logically considered that in order to “promote” the event, hackers will present their utility during the conference. However, this did not happen.

In its official blog, the TaiG team announced the success of the Mobile Security Summit, and at the same time warned that fake TaiG jailbreak utilities for “jailbreak” iOS 8.2 appeared on the network, which are strongly discouraged to download and use. All information about the release of the jailbreak will be posted on the official TaiG website and in the team’s social media feeds. According to hackers, work on the jailbreak is underway, but the team did not give an approximate release date for the utility, saying only that it would release it as soon as possible.

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