TaiG: iOS 8.2 Final Jailbreak Ready

It is very possible that today Apple will release the final version of iOS 8.2, which many users are eagerly awaiting, especially owners of old iPhones and iPads.

Now jailbreak fans have a reason to wait for iOS 8.2. The hackers from the TaiG team reported that they already have solutions to hack the final version of this firmware. Recall that recently the TaiG team released an updated version of the TaiGJBreak utility, with which it was possible to do an untethered jailbreak of the first and second beta versions of iOS 8.2.

TaiG: iOS 8.2 Final Jailbreak Ready

If the TaiG hackers are honest, jailbreakers can breathe a sigh of relief. After Apple patched the vulnerabilities used for hacking in iOS 8.1.3, the prospects for jailbreaking new versions of iOS were very dim. Now there is a new hope. Apparently, the TaiG team can release their new jailbreak utility for iOS 8.2 almost immediately after the final version of the firmware is released.

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