TaiG is going to jailbreak super secure iOS 9

As you know from insider sources, in iOS 9 Apple will use the new Rootless security system, which, according to experts, will make jailbreak, if not impossible, then extremely difficult to implement.

The first beta versions of iOS 9 have yet to come out, but hackers from the TaiG team have already announced their readiness to battle the new security system. In an interview with DigitalTimes, one of the team members said that they decided to focus entirely on jailbreaking iOS 9 and are not working on jailbreaking current versions of iOS.


It’s hard to say whether the TaiG hackers will succeed, but you can recall that iOS 7 was also considered unjailbroken at the time. Nevertheless, the utility for hacking the “seven” appeared almost immediately after the final release of this operating system.

Recall that yesterday at the MOSEC conference, hackers from another Chinese team – Pangu – demonstrated a working tool for jailbreaking iOS 8.3. The hackers from Pangu did not report when the public version of the utility will be released.

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