TaiGJBreak Jailbreak Utility Released in English

The creators of the TaiGJBreak jailbreak utility have finally translated their product into English, and now users do not need to understand the intricacies of Chinese characters.

TaiGJBreak Jailbreak Utility Released in English

However, if you follow our instructions for jailbreak iOS 8.1.1, then the Chinese text is not a hindrance. Still, English is more understandable for most users.

In addition to translating the utility’s interface, the TaiG team also made an English version of their website TaiG.com/en, which is also very important, since the site has a tutorial on using TaiGJBreak. Also, hackers launched an English-language Twitter account @TaiG_Jailbreakwhere the latest news is posted.

Recall that today hackers from TaiG confirmed that the TaiGJBreak utility is able to jailbreak not only iOS 8.1.1, but also iOS 8.2. The Chinese promised to release a version of the utility with support for iOS 8.2 immediately after the final release of the firmware.

Earlier, reputable hacker MuscleNerd said that jailbreak using TaiGJBreak is completely safe and the utility itself works “more transparently” than the solution of another Chinese hacker team Pangu8.

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