The designer created a realistic concept of the iPhone 12 without a cutout in the screen

It is assumed that in September next year, the Cupertinians will release a smartphone in a new design. Famous insider and designer Ben Geskin showed his vision of the updated iPhone by posting the iPhone 12 concept on Twitter.

The concept of the next Apple smartphone was created based on existing rumors and assumptions. As a result, the device received rectangular side faces, a camera module recessed into the body, and also lost a cutout in the screen. Geskin notes that Aziz Ghaus, aka @smazizg, helped him with the concept. mozhet-vygljadet-iphone-12-bez-chelki.html

The insider notes that next year Cupertinos may show the iPhone 12 with 5.4 and 6.1-inch screens. Some elements of the classic iPhone will be used in the design of the new products. In particular, Apple should revert to straight side edges and glass cases.

According to analysts, next year the Cupertinians should not only update the design of their smartphones, but also add support for fifth generation networks. The latter feature, according to some experts, will become one of the main “drivers” of sales of the next generation of iPhone.

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