The first mockup of the iPhone 12 lit up on the network

Only a few months have passed since the announcement of the iPhone 11, and the following Apple smartphones are already actively discussed on the network. Moreover, network sources do not just share some small details. Recently, a mockup of the future Apple smartphone was shown, which allows you to evaluate the appearance of the novelty.

Judging by the available video, Apple will slightly change the design of its devices. However, one should not count on any cardinal innovations. The front and back surfaces of the smartphone shouldn’t change much. In this case, the Cupertinians can abandon the rounded side faces, returning to a rectangular shape. In the past, some online sources have already said that in the iPhone 12, Apple may return to smooth side edges.

The author of a short video showing a mockup of an as-yet-unannounced Apple smartphone claims to have received it from his own sources at Alibaba. However, it’s hard to say how authentic the iPhone 12 mockup is. It is possible that this is just a figment of someone’s imagination, and the layout was created on the basis of numerous rumors that have appeared on the network in recent months.

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