The front camera of the iPhone 11 is worse than the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Despite all the accusations against DXOMark specialists, their ratings are still considered one of the most authoritative. It’s just that almost no one else tests smartphone cameras as thoroughly. For example, it took experts several months to research the front module of the iPhone 11, and today they published their report on the camera of this phone. Oddly enough, the iPhone 11 is great for selfies, although it wasn’t enough to even make it into the top ten smartphones with the best front camera.

The front camera of the iPhone 11 is good, but it turns out to be worse than the competition

Which phone shoots better – iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro

IPhone 11 Selfie Camera achieved 91 points in DXOMark testing, one point lower than the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The biggest difference between the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro is the focus on objects, the report says. When shooting with the front camera of the iPhone 11 at close range, the person is in focus, but at long distances – for example, when shooting with a long selfie stick – the face is already more blurred than when shooting with the iPhone 11 Pro or Galaxy S10 +. Subjects behind group selfies are also out of focus.

The front camera of the iPhone 11 is worse than the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

iPhone 11 is poor at photographing objects at a distance

However, the front-facing shots taken with the iPhone 11 are broadly similar to those of the iPhone 11 Pro. The iPhone 11 has some noise issues, especially in low light, according to DXOMark. As a result, the experts came to the decision that the iPhone 11 is “a good option, but not one of the best.”

The front camera of the iPhone 11 is worse than the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Noise on the iPhone 11 is noticeably more than on the same iPhone 11 Pro Max

One of the key improvements cited by experts is the wide-angle front-facing lens introduced in the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. This makes it easier to fit a large number of subjects into the frame, as well as ensure consistent focus and composition. The review also praises the bokeh effect of the front camera.

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iPhone 11 turned out to be slightly better at video recording than Apple’s flagship phone: it records brighter colors and has less noise problems (which is ironic). The picture is very good in bright light and in typical indoor conditions and only deteriorates in low light. The resulting video shows pleasing colors with correct white balance and smooth transitions under varying lighting conditions.

DXOMark also notes that Apple’s Smart HDR processing provides very good glare control in bright light conditions. Although in some of the more complex scenes there were “intermittent HDR glitches”. Compared to the iPhone XS, the iPhone 11 also offers improvements in color and focus.

Phones with the best front-facing cameras

Despite some advantages, in the end, the iPhone 11 could not even make it into the top ten phones with the best front camera. This is what the updated DXOMark ranking looks like.

  1. Huawei P40 Pro – 103 points
  2. Huawei nova 6 5G – 100 points
  3. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra – 100 points
  4. Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G – 99 points
  5. ASUS ZenFone 6 – 98 points
  6. Samsung Galaxy S10 5G – 97 points
  7. Samsung Galaxy S10 + – 96 points
  8. Huawei Mate 30 Pro – 93 points
  9. iPhone 11 Pro Max – 92 points
  10. Google Pixel 3 – 92 points
  11. Google Pixel 4 – 92 points
  12. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – 92 points
  13. iPhone 11 – 91 points

Of course, it is always better to treat such ratings with some distrust. For example, at DXOMark the first place is constantly occupied by Huawei smartphones, although on some of the brand’s phones you have to wait a few seconds to get high-quality photos in night mode. They also said in our Telegram chat that manufacturers can purchase the DXOMark Analyzer, which is used to test smartphone cameras, and may be prepared in advance for all checks (most likely, they do so).

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В свое время DXOMark назвали камеру iPhone XR лучшей в своем классе.

It is not known if Apple has access to this tool, but apparently, it does not really care for such reasons. Apple has never chased benchmarks, and the Geekbench results prove it. Cupertino understands that user experience is much more important than synthetic tests, because in different conditions the camera of the same iPhone behaves differently, and some may consider this an advantage, while others – a disadvantage.

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