Top 5 sports cases and bags for iPhone

Today, many who are actively involved in sports, running or cycling literally do not part with their smartphones. The gadget helps in training, serves as a source of music, and sometimes works in tandem with an activity tracker.

Third-party manufacturers have come up with a lot of special sports cases that not only allow you to fix your smartphone in a comfortable position, but can also be used as a “pocket” for various small things. At the same time, overpaying for such an accessory is completely optional. Sports cases can be purchased on Aliexpress.

Brassard telephone sport

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An inexpensive sports case compatible with a wide range of smartphones. Judging by the reviews, the maximum display diagonal can reach 6.8 inches. At the same time, in some cases, you can even leave your everyday silicone case on your smartphone. The latter will not interfere with the use of a sports accessory in any way.

While the Brassard Telephone Sport holds the smartphone securely in the user’s hand, the case also provides access to some ports. For example, to the headphone jack. There is also a small compartment in the case, in which you can fit a key or a couple of bills.

Haissky Sport Band

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A popular sports case that is compatible with many different smartphones, from the iPhone 7 to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. The model is made of lycra. At the same time, there are special soft elements on the back surface of the cover that provide a slight movement of air, not allowing the skin to sweat too much.

Judging by the reviews, Haissky Sport Band not only holds the smartphone in a comfortable position, but also protects the device from moisture. However, one should not rely on 100% protection. The cover resists water droplets well. But he is not able to protect the smartphone from heavy rain.

One of the features of the Haissky Sport Band is the presence of several small pockets. They can hold keys, credit cards, money, a case from wireless headphones or other small things. Users can choose from eight different colors.

Universal arm bag mobile

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Basically, the accessory is a cross between a compact sports smartphone case and a small bag that fits on your hand. From the first, the case took a transparent front part, and from the second – a spacious pocket. The latter will fit not only keys and headphones, but also other little things. Even a small external battery can be placed in it if needed.

Sport Waist Case

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Sport Waist Case will appeal to those who do not want to put a smartphone case on their hands. This accessory allows you to place your mobile device and other small items on your belt. At the same time, the belt “design” of the cover provides more convenient access to the contents of a rather spacious pocket.

In fact, the Sport Waist Case has two compartments. The first is designed for a smartphone and has a transparent surface, and the second allows you to place a lot of different things. For example, cards, keys, headphones, etc. Judging by the reviews, the case can easily accommodate a smartphone with a diagonal of up to 6.5 inches.

Mobile phone bag

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The Mobile phone bag is a complete yet compact sport bag that can be carried on your hand. A soft and long enough Velcro strap is provided for fixing. The bag itself consists of two spacious compartments in which you can place not only a phone or keys, but also a wallet, an external battery for a smartphone, a case with wireless headphones, etc.

The mobile phone bag is made entirely of fabric. However, the manufacturer claims that the bag has a water-repellent coating, so that the water droplets literally roll down the fabric, rather than being absorbed into it. However, this “impregnation” can only protect against a small amount of moisture.

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