Unicode Consortium Delays Emoji 14 Update for Six Months

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The Unicode consortium today announced that it is delaying version 14 of the Unicode standard for six months due to the impact of the ongoing pandemic, and this delay will affect the emoticons that were planned for inclusion in the update.

Unicode 13 Emoji Image Using Emojipedia

“This year, we simply can’t follow the same schedule that we followed in the past.”

The delay will not affect the Unicode 13 update, which includes the Emoji 13 characters that were announced earlier this year. In Unicode 13, 62 new emoticons appeared, such as a smiling face with a tear, a polar bear, a seal, a fondue, a teapot, a magic wand, a beetle.

Unicode 13 characters are expected to be accepted by Apple starting this fall, possibly in an update for iOS 14. As a rule, Apple takes several months to develop new illustrations for emoji characters that are approved at each new iteration.

The Unicode consortium is also considering whether it is possible to release new emoticon sequences in the smaller Emoji 13.1 release, as these emoticons use combinations of existing emoticons and can be implemented in a separate schedule.

The consortium is considering whether it is possible to release emoji sequences in Emoji 13.1 release. These sequences use existing characters. An example of Emoji 13.0 is a black cat, which internally is a combination of cat emoticons and a black large square emoticon. Because sequences rely only on combinations of existing Unicode characters, they can be implemented on a separate schedule and do not require a new version of Unicode or the encoding of new characters. This release of Emoji 13.1 will be released on time on mobile phones in 2021.

Unicode 14 latency means that the emoji characters that we expected Apple to accept in the fall of 2021 will be dropped six months ago. Due to the delay, the Unicode Consortium is accepting new emoticon character offers to update Emoji 14 until September 2020.

After the Emoji 13 characters are realized this fall, there will be no new additional emoticons on the iPhone until 2022.

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