Untethered jailbreak of iOS 8.4 is possible. Video confirmation

Recently, Cupertinos have been paying a lot of attention to the security of their mobile operating systems. In iOS 8.3, Apple developers have patched a number of vulnerabilities that were used by hackers from the TaiG team to compromise the system. However, judging by the latest data, there are still a lot of weak points in iOS that can be used to get a jailbreak.

Untethered jailbreak of iOS 8.4 is possible. Video confirmation

For example, the other day a well-known hacker under the nickname i0n1c revealed that he was able to jailbreak iOS 8.4 untethered. Interestingly, an old vulnerability is used for hacking. As the hacker himself says, it has been in the code for “forever”.

As confirmation, i0n1c showed a short video. The video shows a jailbroken iPhone 6 Plus with the Cydia store installed. Separately, it should be noted that hoping for the early appearance of a public utility for jailbreaking iOS 8.4 is probably not worth it. i0n1c rarely takes on the release of ready-made jailbreak tools that could be used by ordinary users.

Recall that the first beta of iOS 8.4 was presented about a week ago. The key features of the system are the radically updated Music application and the transfer of audiobooks to a separate iBooks section.

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