Updated version of Pangu9 jailbreak released with bug fixes

The creators of the iOS 9 jailbreak utility have released an updated version of their Pangu9 1.0.1 app, which fixes some bugs.


Users who decided to jailbreak iOS 9 using the first version of the Pangu utility sometimes encountered errors and program crashes. In particular, there were many complaints about the “0A error”, as a result of which the jailbreak process freezes by 45%. This error, according to the developers of the utility, has been eliminated in the new version of Pangu9. The utility also installs version 0.9.6 on the device Cydia.

Other bugs have been fixed in Pnagu9 1.0.1. The developers of the utility report that the likelihood of a successful jailbreak has now increased significantly. How to jailbreak a device running iOS 9, iOS 9.0.1 and iOS 9.0.2 is described in a separate tutorial.

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