W-Touch is the first wireless trackpad for Windows PCs

Many owners of apple computers have long given up on mice and use a trackpad. The Magic Trackpad played an important role in this. This accessory also allowed Apple desktop owners to stop using mice. Now an additional touch surface has become available for Windows PC owners. A similar accessory was released by the Brydge company.

First of all, Brydge is known for making good cases for the iPad Pro. However, the manufacturer recently expanded its range with the first wireless trackpad for computers running Windows 10. The new product is called W-Touch.

The trackpad body is made of aluminum, and the touch panel is covered with glass. The built-in battery is responsible for the autonomy of the device, the full charge of which should be enough for about a month of autonomous work. Charges W-Touch via USB-C.

Brydge has worked closely with Microsoft on the new device to support all gestures available in Surface laptops and tablets. With the help of the trackpad, users can navigate between desktops, scroll through pages, switch between applications, zoom, and more.

The W-Touch will be available in September for 109.99 euros. The exact date of the start of sales will be known a little later.

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