WALTR – record video on iPad bypassing iTunes

WALTR is a small utility for recording video on iPhone or iPad, bypassing iTunes. You just connect your device to your computer and drag and drop to it any movies, music or books.

The trick is that WALTR works with any video format and does not need to be specially converted to m4v, .mp4, or .mov.

👉 Download WALTR from the official site

Every time I have a flight or train ride, I drop new shows and watch them on the road. The coolest thing is that movies and music can be absolutely in any format. WALTR itself will make the films appear in the application Video, music in Music

Rewriting several episodes of OZARK before the flight Lisbon-Berlin

You don’t need to authorize the new device in iTunes to record videos from your computer to iPhone. It is enough to answer yes to the standard “Trust this computer?” in iOS.

Recording music on a friend’s old iPod

WALTR has a trial version that runs for 24 hours. This is enough to try out the program during a long trip. Try it.

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