Ways to solve the most common iOS 9 jailbreak issues

Yesterday, hackers from the Chinese Pangu team were the first to release the iOS 9 jailbreak. In general, the process of jailbreaking the system using the Pangu 9 utility is quite simple. However, some users encounter errors in the application. In this article, we will look at all the main problems and how to solve them.


Error / usr / libexc / cydia / cydo error (2)

One of the most common problems encountered by users in the process of hacking the system is the error – / usr / libexc / cydia / cydo error (2).

It is quite simple to solve it. To do this, you need to reinstall iOS 9.0.2 on your device. This can be done in iTunes, after downloading the file with the firmware. You can do this at this link.

Error 0A (hangs at 45%)

Sometimes the jailbreak installation process freezes at 45% and an Error 0A error appears. To eliminate it, users need to connect the device to their computer, launch iTunes, select the connected gadget, and in the Backups section, uncheck the “Encrypt iPhone backup” box. After that, the hacking process can be repeated.

Installed iOS Public Beta Profile message

If the message “Installed iOS Public Beta Profile” appears on the screen, users need to go to Settings – General and delete the profiles installed as part of the beta testing of the system.

Inactive button “Start”

If you are using an outdated version of iTunes, the Pangu 9 utility may prevent you from jailbreaking. You can fix the problem by disconnecting your mobile device from your computer and installing the latest version of iTunes.

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Problems with Cydia

After jailbreak, there are several issues with Cydia. One of them is the absence of an unofficial store icon on the home screen of the device. Solving the problem is easy enough. To do this, before launching the Pangu application, you need to open the Photos application, and then allow access to photos in Pangu. After these manipulations, the Cydia icon should appear.

The second problem related to Cydia can be the abnormal closure of an unofficial store. The application may simply refuse to launch. To solve this problem, users will have to do a full reset of the device to factory settings (Settings – General – Reset – Erase content and settings), and then install iOS 9.0.2.

Before doing this, we recommend making a backup.

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