we make any website a native application for macOS

I’ve always wondered why macOS doesn’t have Google Translate clients. It turned out that for using the translator in its application, Google wants $ 20 for every million characters. Of course, no one will pay that kind of money when there is a free web version.

But I remembered about an alternative option – to make a naive wrapper over the web version of Google Translate. That is, so that the service has its own icon in the Dock, but the interface itself inside the application is loaded in the form of a web page.

Google Translate launched as a native app for macOS

I remember that about 5-6 years ago, such utilities for the “wrapper” appeared like mushrooms after rain. Then it was a fashionable topic, everyone wrote about it, but no one really used it.

Only a few have survived to this day: the search gives out Fluid for $ 5 and the console, but free Nativefier. I chose the latter and now I will tell you how to use it.

Installation using Nativefier

1. To install Nativefier, install a package manager npm (Node.js Package Manager). To do this, download the npm installation file from the official site and run it.

Download the npm package manager installer

2. After that open Terminal and install Nativefier with the command:

npm install nativefier -g

Installing Nativefier via Terminal

3. Now it’s easy to show the Nativefier web page that needs to be turned into an application. To do this, run the command:

nativefier "https://translate.google.com"

We wrap up Google Translate and transfer it to the Applications folder

In the same way, you can “wrap” any web page and make it a native application. Enjoy!

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