What to do when your hard drive is read-only

You need to install Microsoft NTFS – a special driver for macOS from Paragon, which adds to the system the ability to work with any Windows drives. An indispensable thing if your corporate or university network consists mainly of Windows machines and you need to interact with them.

The driver is also useful if you have Windows in parallel with macOS and want to be able to write files to a Windows partition.

☀️ Download Microsoft NTFS by Paragon, 28 MB

How to install the driver

The driver works on a set-and-forget basis. You can verify this by placing a 10-day trial version.

The driver works with all types of external and network hard drives, flash drives, memory cards – of any size. You don’t need to configure anything further.

Microsoft NTFS features

  • Support for any version of NTFS (from Windows NT 3.1 to Windows 10);
  • When a volume is mounted in write mode, all operations with files and folders are available: reading, editing, deleting, renaming, creating;
  • The driver mounts NTFS volumes automatically at system startup. This mode can be disabled in the software interface.
  • The driver allows you to format, check and fix errors on damaged NTFS volumes;
  • Support for all OS localizations, including non-Latin alphabets. Files with any names are available for work;
  • Fully compatible with Apple Boot Camp, full read / write access to Windows Boot Camp partitions from macOS;
  • Compatible with popular virtualization and encryption applications: VMware Fusion and Workstation, Parallels Desktop, TrueCrypt and the like.

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