What’s the most popular iPhone accessory?

It’s not hard to guess that someone earns money on covers, protective screens and all that kind of stuff. Otherwise, they would not be offered in such a variety of shapes and colors almost anywhere in the world. But so far no one has ventured to seriously investigate this vast and ubiquitous market, because of its obvious incomprehensibility. Company Zion Market Rеsearch from India did it. A 157-page report on the findings of these studies hit the shelves of Research and Markets yesterday. In 2019, apple accessories of all kinds and all over the world were sold at $ 19.4 billion – and sales are growing. By 4.7% per year.

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As part of the study, accessories are considered: headphones, chargers, cables, cases, protective screens, and others (the last item is my favorite). The sales of Apple-made accessories have not been studied, but screen protectors from Belkin International (a US company, a subsidiary of Foxconn), although offered in Apple retail stores as the official display screen protector, are in the research area. IPhone accessories account for nearly 70% of Apple’s accessory market revenue.

Most Popular Apple Accessories

It is concluded from the popularity of the iPhone that the most profitable segment of the Apple accessories market is the iPhone accessories market. And not only because of this. The touch interface turns the screen of Apple smartphones into the most important, and at the same time, the most vulnerable element of their design.

Due to the fact that Apple returned to the market of budget smartphones in April 2020 (they are talking about the iPhone SE 2), the growth in demand for these accessories has accelerated. And by 2026, growth may be up to 20%. What Apple accessory have you bought recently? Share in the comments or in our chat on Telegram.

What's the most popular iPhone accessory?

By the way, this is also one of the most popular iPhone accessories.

The researchers came to, among other things, the following conclusions: in terms of annual income and net profit, Apple ranks first among all IT companies in the world, and its most popular product is iPhone… In the mobile sector of the global economy, Apple, however, is only second. If these facts were not known to both those who convict Apple of monopoly and those who are considering these accusations, the report could become evidence in Apple’s favor.

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Since Apple ranks second in the mobile sector of the world economy (hence, it is not a monopoly in this sector), its app store for its part of the mobile sector cannot be a monopoly either.

By the way, the analytical company sells the report on this study on its website in the section “Vegetables and fruits”… Not surprisingly, the tag for the PDF document is “Fruits and Vegetables”, meaning “Fruits and Vegetables.” The cheapest research in this section, “Fresh Apple Market, Research and Forecast for 2024” costs only USD 1,408

What's the most popular iPhone accessory?

Apple Glass prototype (well, almost)

For some reason, it is difficult to get rid of the frivolous tone, but I assure you: this is an absolutely serious and fundamental scientific work, with a forecast of a compound average annual growth rate for the period up to 2026, when the volume of sales in the apple accessories market should increase to $ 27.4 billion.

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