Which iPhone users are most satisfied with the purchase?

Every year, as soon as the “second fiscal quarter” ends, which is also the first calendar quarter, it is customary for people to mark the middle of the “fiscal year” by determining the mutual position of industry stars and calculating various indices and ratings. In the prestigious Fortune 500 list of this year, Apple’s position has deteriorated compared to the previous year. But the iPhone is once again the undisputed leader in the “customer satisfaction rating”, and its already exorbitant satisfaction index has risen to even higher values. True, in the individual competition, everything is a little worse.

No, this is not the iPhone 11 or even the iPhone 11 Pro

Both the Fortune 500 and the ACSI (American Customer Satisfaction Index) are purely American metrics, outside of the US the situation may be very different, but since Apple’s largest and most important market is its home country, these metrics deserve our attention. Surprisingly, but true: even now, in the midst of the coronavirus aggression, amid the massive bankruptcy of companies, Apple is doing well. Those who, since the end of the 90s, did not stop waiting for the final and shameful death of this company, hoped for things will get worse. As in early 2019, when “iPhone died” and “Apple ran out,” this hope did not materialize.

How satisfied users are with the iPhone

Which iPhone users are most satisfied with the purchase?

Once upon a time 99% of iPhone users were happy with their phones

When calculating this index, a variety of factors are taken into account and very abstruse criteria are applied, but judging by the fact that the value of this index at Apple has increased this year (returning it to the first place in the ranking), most likely, this index has some kind of meaning. Last year there were two leaders in the rating. Apple and Samsung had the same value of this index – 81%. The index was calculated based on data from April 2018 to March 2019, when Apple gave its customers a lot of reasons for deep dissatisfaction.

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The current indices refer to the period from April 2019 to March 2020 and look more objective. The value of this index at Apple has grown by one. Up to 82%. Samsung’s index value has not changed. Both companies had good and bad luck during that period, but Apple’s behavior suddenly changed in the fall. For the better. When no one hoped for it anymore. The company, which had previously guarded its ecosystem from other people’s trends, not to mention someone else’s participation in it, began to open up. Slowly and carefully, but it looks like it’s not something momentary. Although, the objectivity of such ratings does not matter, and even if the value of the index primarily depends on the amount that a particular company donated to its calculators “for research”, its impact on the success or failure of the companies represented in the rating should not be underestimated …

America’s smartphone customer satisfaction index is up 1.3% this year. From 79% in 2019 to 80% in 2020. It looks like this is the arithmetic average of the values ​​of all indices in the list. The 4 most satisfying companies in the world in the ranking of 2020 are Apple (82%, in 2019 – 81%), Samsung (81%, the same as a year ago), LG (79%, a year ago it was 78%) and Motorola (77% , last year it was 80%).

Which iPhone users are most satisfied with the purchase?

Most satisfied iPhone Xs Max users

Fortune 500 companies

Fortune List Is a list of American companies sorted by their income for the “reporting period.” Descending order. In first place is the company with the highest income, in 500th – with the lowest of all the companies on this prestigious list. Simple and objective. In the late 90s, the entry of Apple Computer into the last hundred of the Fortune 500 warmed the soul of Apple and everyone who “rooted” for it. In 2002, the company was already ranked 325th on this list. But back to our time. Here top five in Fortune 500 2020 of the year:

  1. Walmart, $ 524.0 billion
  2. Amazon, $ 280.5 billion
  3. Exxon Mobil, $ 264.9 billion
  4. Apple, $ 260.2 billion
  5. CVS Health, $ 256.8 billion.
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Last year, Apple ranked third in the Fortune 500. The company has never climbed above third place (in 2019, 2017 and 2016). On the fourth, she was the second time in history, for the first time in 2018. In the top five Apple since 2014, under Steve, it did not rise above the 38 position (in 2011).

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