Who is the most truthful person here? Find out in the new interactive book on iOS

Shortly after the release of the first iPad, interactive books became widespread in the App Store. It so happened that we were one of the first to publish reviews of such applications. Basically, these were fairy tales for children, but there were also fascinating works that were interesting for adults to read. Since then, such books have become noticeably fewer, but some developers continue one of the main trends of the past. One of these works that interested us is the interactive book “Oh, this Munchausen!”, Which has recently been available for iPhone and iPad.

Finally, someone decided to revive this genre of apps in the App Store

This is a collection of absolutely all the adventures of Baron Munchausen, but, unlike other similar books, it is designed in an interactive style with game elements. The reader is invited to play the role of the granddaughter of the protagonist and help Munchausen to remember and tell about all his adventures. The book is based on the familiar to many adventures of Baron Munchausen, while the developers have added many “Easter eggs”, which are not in the original stories.

The famous Baron’s adventures take an interesting twist

The creators of the book also added riddles and quests to the application: for example, the reader needs to pull Munchausen out of the swamp by the hair; or fold a device out of the baron’s items (fishing rod – only we didn’t tell you anything)catching flying fruits and many others. Plus, the book contains colorful illustrations that were drawn specially for this project by the honored artist Andrey Kulagin.

Andrey Kulagin drew illustrations specially for the book “Oh, this Munchausen!”

The developers approached the development of an interactive book very responsibly. In the process of creation, actor Denis Shevchenko was involved, who voiced the Baron Munchausen himself. Also, voice acting was made for the granddaughter and other guests of the protagonist.

Denis Shevchenko got used to the role of the famous baron

As a result, a total of more than 8 hours of high-quality audiobooks turned out. And 250 colorful illustrations provide excellent visual accompaniment to all stories.

The book has many chapters, high-quality voice acting in Russian and many interactive elements

I liked playing with the plot most of all, because this is not a simple audiobook, which is full of specialized applications, but an interactive story – that is, the reader himself interacts with what is happening.

The next plot twist depends on your choice

The application is very high quality and beautiful. All illustrations are copyrighted and the reader will certainly like them: they are both funny and realistic. Plus there are various interactive elements – for example, to exit the main menu or turn off the voice acting, you must first “pull” these elements onto the screen.

The voice with which the book is dubbed is exactly what I imagined Baron Munchausen in my childhood when I first read about his adventures. There is some kind of magic in this application that attracts, so the book will definitely appeal to both children and adults.

Reading is not fast and with expression, so that the reader has time to listen and understand what is happening in the book. In total, the book consists of a demo part and two main parts. The app itself is free, but in-app purchases are provided to pay for the efforts of the developers and the author. You can listen to the demo version for free to understand that the book is really cool, and then either buy the first or second version separately, or all at once. It is proposed to buy the full version of this book for a symbolic amount, which is unlikely to affect your family budget.

I tried the first part first, but you can safely take the full version. It is very interesting!

If you have any questions while reading the book, you can watch the training video from the developers, where you can see how to listen and play (yes!) This book.

By the way, the application is available not only on iPhone and iPad, you can download it from the link below, but also on Android.

Try it yourself and find out who is the most truthful person there!

Name: “Oh, this Munchausen!”
Publisher / Developer: Mykhailo Bondarchuk
Price: Is free
In-app purchases: Yes
Compatibility: Universal application
Link: Install

PS And for English connoisseurs, there is a special version of “Oh, that Munchausen!”, Voiced by an actor from New Zealand (download on iOS; Android).

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